Date posted: 01/01/2012

Audience: HR staff dealing with early departure exercises.

Action: To use the attached new Cabinet Office Approval Form for future Early Departure requests.

Timing: Immediate


  1. MyCSP and Cabinet Office have agreed a minor change to the Cabinet Office Approval Form you use to get approval for running Early Departure exercises. The field that previously read ‘Dates of exit’ now reads ‘Intended Month of Exits (to be agreed by MyCSP)’. This change has been made to assist the Scheme Management Executive in predicting cash draw-downs for the Civil Superannuation Vote and to clarify that Cabinet Office play no role in agreeing the precise start and finish dates for operating the scheme.
  2. The form also now includes a field asking for numbers of intended quotes you require as well the intended numbers of final exits. This will assist Cabinet Office in understanding your workforce planning approach as well as providing MyCSP with a starting point for discussions with you on your Early Departure Scheme.
  3. Once Cabinet Office have approved the scheme, you should agree operational details via your existing arrangements with your MyCSP Customer Relationship Manager and Pension Service Centre using the Work Request Form issued in EPN291.

Action for you

  1. Please ensure you use the new attached Approval Form (replacing the form in EPN291) for all future schemes.


The attached Approval Form replaces the form in EPN291.


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1 January 2012
Last updated:
24 April 2023