Date posted: 01/02/2012

Audience: HR Managers & Payroll Managers

Action: To note the updated specification regarding increased employee contributions and to alert payrolls about upcoming changes – This replaces the specification that was previously issued under cover of EPN314, Annex B

Timing: Immediate – changes must be implemented to take effect from April 2012 payrolls

This notice is from Cabinet Office, Scheme Management Executive

  1. EPN314 advised employers of the outcome of the government consultation on the increase to employees contributions in the Civil Service pension scheme, and attached a specification for employers and their payroll providers for implementing these changes.
  2. Following representations from a number of employers and payroll providers, we have agreed a number of changes to that specification. The revised version is attached at Annex A to this notice. (For convenience, the changes to the previous specification are made in red.)
  3. The key thing for employers to focus on is ensuring that the extra contributions are deducted from employees’ pay from April 2012. Passing details of the extra contributions to MyCSP (via the Penserver interface) and Cabinet Office finance is less urgent, although it will be needed for the scheme’s valuation extract and annual Accounts. We will be writing to employers separately about these issues.




For further information employers should contact Cabinet Office on the following:
020 7271 6374

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1 February 2012
Last updated:
24 April 2023