Date posted: 01/02/2012

Audience: HR Managers & Internal Communications Managers

Action: To note the slide pack at Annex A and Annex B, which employers should use to update staff on Civil Service pensions reform

Timing: Immediate

This notice is from Cabinet Office, Scheme Management Executive. Civil Service

Pensions Reform

  1. The main elements of the post-2015 pension scheme were set out at the end of last year1, but the final details are being discussed with the Trade Unions, and implementation of the new scheme by Government is still contingent on sufficient Trade Unions ratifying the agreement.
  2. Regular communications to scheme members on the changes will continue to be important, even whilst some of the details remain unknown. An updated slide pack is therefore attached at Annex A for use in providing staff with an interim update on progress.
  3. The pack has been designed as a tool to support Employers in their communications, and it is up to Employers to choose the most appropriate method of communicating the information in the pack to staff. This has been sent to HR Directors and Heads of Internal communications as well. You should liaise with your internal Communications and HR teams to ensure that they have received it and how best to use the information, for example by placing on an intranet, or building into staff presentations or meetings.
  4. Employers are free to change the formatting of the slides but any amendments or additions to any of the points of substance should be cleared through Civil Service Workforce Reform.


For further information employers should contact:
Civil Service Pensions Reform
020 7271 2881

Enquiries regarding distribution or to receive in a different format


1 February 2012
Last updated:
24 April 2023