Date posted: 01/03/2012

Audience: HR Managers & Payroll Managers

Action:  note the change in the rules of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Timing: Immediate

This notice is from Cabinet Office, Scheme Management Executive Employee Communications

  1. The Cabinet Office has amended the rules of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme to allow the deduction of the extra employee pension contributions. This means that employers are now legally obliged to deduct the extra contributions from salary beginning in April 2012.
  2. EPN325 Annex B gave employers a call script to help them respond to questions for their staff. Attached to this EPN is an updated call script that reflects the change to the pension scheme rules. It also updates the ASLCs table to reflect the revised salary banding that will apply from 1 April 2012.
  3. Under no circumstances should employers change the call script. This is because it closely follows the call script MyCSP will be using. In this way we can ensure as far as possible that scheme members are being given consistent messages. If you are asked questions not covered by the call script contact us using the e-mail address given below.


EPN322 and EPN325


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1 March 2012
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