Date posted: 01/04/2012

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Recruitment and Payroll Managers


  • To note and use the revised appointment letter texts detailed in Annex B to Section 4 of the EPG on the CSP website.
    To note and download the new Pensions Questionnaire and Rejoiner Calculator and separate Pensions Questionnaire for future use


  • The new letter texts and calculator must be used for staff appointed on or after 1 April 2012.
  1. Pension contribution rates were increased on 1 April 2012. We have revised pensions texts for inclusion in appointment letters. The introduction of a variable pension contribution rate has meant that we have also introduced a new annex that must be included with some of the letters of appointment. The revised texts and annex are available on our website under ‘Guidance for Employers’ in Annex 4B of Section 4 of the Employers’ Pension Guide (EPG). The new text and annex must be used for staff appointed on or after 1 April 2012.
  2. The existing appointment letter texts are also in the EPG. These must be used for any staff appointed before the contributions were increased on 1 April 2012.
  3. A new Pensions Questionnaire and Rejoiner Calculator is also available on the website. (Under Guidance for employers / Forms and also with EPG Section 4) It has been updated to include staff who rejoin the Civil Service having previously left under the revised CSCS arrangements. Please download the revised calculator for future use.
  4. The calculator has been redesigned – you will need the completed Pensions Questionnaire for the new entrant, as now. Using the information provided select the appropriate boxes on each screen until you reach the screen showing the relevant Letter of Appointment text to use and the correct Starter Pack to order. See Section 4 of the EPG for guidance on new entrant actions.
  5. The Pensions Questionnaire is now available separately, outside the calculator. Please download this for future use and remember to insert your return address in the template so that new entrants know where to send it when completed.
  6. If you hold a hard copy of Section 4 Annex B of the EPG please destroy your current version and replace by printing off the revised version from the website.


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1 April 2012
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24 April 2023