Date posted: 01/06/2012


  • This Notice will be of particular interest to: HR staff dealing with early departure exercises.


  • Note the updates to the CSCS Guidance in Section 6 and Annex 6F of the Employers Pension Guide.

Timing: Immediate

  1. We have taken this opportunity to revise the CSCS Guidance for Employers. The revised guidance can be found in section 6 Annex 6F of the Employers Pension Guide. Please note the additional information on TUPE transfers and how allowances are used in the calculation of pay for compensation purposes.
  2. Annex 6F also includes updated information regarding notice periods. Notice periods set out in Section 11 of the Civil Service Management Code (CSMC) should still apply in cases of compulsory redundancy. This is different to the original guidance issued with EPN298 which indicated that those who joined after the introduction of the new CSCS should be entitled to 3 months.


EPN298, EPN291


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1 June 2012
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24 April 2023