Date posted: 01/07/2012

Audience: This Notice is only of interest to PCSPS employers currently using Xafinity Paymaster and Capita as their pensions administrator. This Notice is also relevant to these employers’ Shared Service Centres and Payroll providers.

Action: To note you will be contacted imminently by MyCSP to discuss the transfer of your pensions administration to a MyCSP Pensions Service Centre (PSC).

To work with MyCSP and Xafinity Paymaster/Capita as appropriate to enable the transfer.

Timing: Work will commence in July, with transfers taking place between now and 1 Oct for the majority of employers.

  1. EPN332 announced MyCSP’s change of legal status and advised that Pension Administration would be transferring to MyCSP Ltd. This EPN advises that work is to start on the transfer arrangements for newly ‘novated’ contracts covering PCSPS pensions administration work currently undertaken by Xafinity Paymaster and Capita. This work is scheduled to be transferred to MyCSP’s PSCs at either Cheadle Hulme, Liverpool or Newcastle.
  2. Heads of the relevant PSC will be in touch shortly (if they haven’t already) to introduce themselves and start discussions on your individual transfer plans. These discussions will be aiming to understand the full extent of your business as usual, up-coming projects (e.g. early exit schemes) you are planning or that straddle the transfer period, as well as discussing the transfer timetable and actions required by all parties.
  3. Therefore, from 1 October 2012, with the exception of a very small number of PCSPS employers who will transfer to the new arrangement to a slightly longer timescale, PCSPS employers will be covered by the contract that’s been in place since 1 May 2012 between the Cabinet Office’s Scheme Management Board (SMB) and MyCSP Limited. The Scheme Management Executive of the Cabinet Office will manage the contract on behalf of the SMB, which is responsible for the oversight of the Civil Service pension arrangements. The general paying arrangements that you will be
    moving to and the cost and extent of the pensions work that you will be paying direct to MyCSP is set out in EPN332.
  4. MyCSP Ltd has an on-boarding team working to ensure a smooth transfer. If you have any questions about the transfer please call Mike Mordecai on 01256 726564 or email
  5. Further details about MyCSP Ltd can be found at:

Reference EPN332


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1 July 2012
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24 April 2023