Date posted: 01/08/2012

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers


  • To note the changed procedure for dealing with applications for retrospective Ill Health Retirement.
  • To ensure your HR function understands the consequences of an individual leaving on Voluntary Exit while their application for Ill Health Retirement is decided.

Timing: Immediate

Background - Retrospective Ill Health Retirement (RIHR)

  1. There is no provision in the Civil Service pension scheme rules for RIHR. This means individuals do not have a right to ask for RIHR. RIHR is appropriate only in restricted and exceptional circumstances. Circumstances include where there has been an error or omission in handling the individual’s exit. This might, for example, be where the employer failed to consider IHR for an individual when it is clear that they should have done so. RIHR is then a form of redress for errors or omissions that led to an individual not being considered for IHR when they should have been.
  2. Handling RIHR Applications
    In the past employers sent RIHR applications to MyCSP Ltd. In future you must direct any RIHR enquiries or applications to the Scheme Management Executive (SME). The address you should use is You must give SME details of the events leading to the application along with supporting papers, which might include copies of e-mail exchanges, Occupational Health Service referrals or correspondence with the individual.
  3. Ill Health Retirement and Voluntary Early Exit
    You should make individuals aware if they choose to leave on Voluntary Early Exit terms any application for Ill Health Retirement will come to an end on their last day of service. Unlike those dismissed by their employer individuals leaving on Voluntary Exit are making a choice to leave employment on those terms. It is not appropriate then for the Ill Health retirement process to continue beyond their last day of service. If you are aware of any Ill Health Retirement applications that are continuing after an individual has left on Voluntary Exit terms you should take immediate action to stop the process and tell the individual.


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1 August 2012
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24 April 2023