Date posted: 01/10/2012

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Timing: Immediate

  1. The Cabinet Office has begun consultation with the Civil Service Trade Unions on the further member contribution increases to the PCSPS that will come into effect from April 2013.
  2. As you may be aware the Government is already committed to increase contributions from April 2013 in aggregate by the same amount that contributions increased in April 2012 (1.28% of pensionable pay). The proposition that has gone out to consultation is very similar to that of last year, the salary bands are unchanged and it is proposed to increase rates by very similar amounts. It is proposed to continue to charge
    contributions based on the member’s FTE-equivalent salary.
  3. Should you receive any queries from scheme members, you should refer them to the proposals, which can be found on the website. If members have any feedback on these proposals, they should contact their trade union representative
    or they may send this via e-mail to
  4. Please note that the deadline for the consultation has been extended to 10 December.


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1 October 2012
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