Date posted: 01/01/2013

Audience: This EPN needs to be read by:

  • those who commission additional (non-core) services direct from MyCSP
  • those who are responsible for ensuring payment for those services which are subsequently made to MyCSP

Action: To note the importance of paying MyCSP for services, which are correctly delivered, promptly within their standard payment terms.

Timing: Immediate.

Paying invoices promptly

  1. EPN332 described MyCSPs change of legal status with effect from 1 May 2012. This change in status resulted in MyCSP leaving the public sector and becoming the first of the Government’s Mutual organisations for delivering public services. MyCSP is therefore now being run as a fully commercial venture.
  2. EPN332 also described how you would be responsible both for commissioning and paying MyCSP for certain additional (non-core) work and services, mostly around the administration of early exit exercises under the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, and for bulk transfers into and out of the PCSPS.
  3. To enable this new organisation to meet its own costs and contribute to it being run on a sound financial footing it is important that you pay for work satisfactorily delivered by MyCSP promptly within their terms of business. The terms and conditions for issuing and paying invoices are explained as part of the Statement of Work (SoW) you enter into when commissioning additional work from MyCSP. This
    means that you will be invoiced in relation to charges agreed under the particular SoW and this should then be paid within 30 days of you getting the invoice (subject to there
    being no dispute over the services delivered and the charges). Interest may be charged on sums due under the SoW in accordance with Late Payment of commercial
    Debts (Interest) Act 1988.
  4. Payment to MyCSP
    To pay MyCSP you will need to have set their details on your accounting systems. The bank account details are:

    Bank: NatWest
    Account Name: MyCSP Limited
    Sort Code: 600001
    Account Number: 39745643
  5. Please address any questions about paying for CSCS, bulk transfers or other financial queries (other than Core services) to Paul Callaghan on 07818016725 or by email to


For further information (e.g. about paying for core services) you should contact SME at

1 January 2013
Last updated:
24 April 2023