Date posted: 21/11/2002

Issue: Employers may wish to confirm distribution of Starter Packs they have ordered from Linney Direct.

Action: You should consult with your APAC and agree reporting arrangements, as required.

Timing: Immediate


  1. You send your orders for Starter Packs to Linney Direct, who then arrange delivery of the Pack to the individual. As the order is not delivered to the employer, you cannot tell whether the Pack has been sent or not unless the individual contacts you to advise that they have not received it.


  1. In order that you may check that the Packs you have ordered have been despatched, Linney Direct will provide reports each month to each of the APACs containing details of the Starter Packs sent out.
  2. The reports will show the Packs sent out for each employer administered by the APAC. Each report contains a list of all the individuals for that employer who have been sent Packs in the previous month, showing their name, start date and the type of pack sent.
  3. The information provided on the DRF1 Order form provides the data for the reports, so it is essential that it is correct. The APAC code ensures that the report is sent to your APAC, so it is important that all your HR staff completing the form use the correct code. Your name is important for contact purposes. The name of department must be stated clearly so that the report can pick it up to sort the records. Please use the official title of your Department /Agency - if this starts with a ‘The’, put it in, if not, then leave it out. We have some forms where the department is shown as ‘HR’ or ‘Personnel’ which is not very helpful; this information will not show against your department, it will appear under a heading called ‘HR’!
  4. Employers who wish to receive monthly reports should contact their APAC to make arrangements, amending their contract / Service Level Agreement as needed and agreeing amended charges where appropriate.
  5. The reports are available in Excel spreadsheet format and can be sent via e-mail.
  6. Any queries about the content of individual reports should be raised via the Linney Direct call centre, details below.


Enquiries about content:

Pam Stone -
Tel: 01256 846396

Enquiries about distribution:

Judith Hornby -  
Tel : 01256 846271

Linney Direct call centre for queries about reports:

Tel: 0870 240 0115
Fax: 0870 240 3035

21 November 2002
Last updated:
24 April 2023