Date posted: 01/10/2013

Audience: This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers and Shared Services providers


  • To note the dates of the employer events
  • To inform payroll providers that changes will be required for the 2015 scheme arrangements.

Timing: Express interests for attendance at the employer events by 25th October.

    The new 2015 scheme will come into effect on 1st April 2015 and there will be a requirement for employers to make changes to both interfaces and payroll. The majority of members will be transferred into the new scheme on day 1 (1st April 2015)
    and therefore you will need to be ready to process these members accordingly. You will also need to move some members to the new scheme at a future date for those with transitional protection who opt to remain in their scheme until that date.
  2. We are currently working with MyCSP to develop a technical overview of the changes that we will be able to provide you with at our Employer Events in November – details below. Further detailed information on payroll/interface data requirements will be
    cascaded in the new year (2014). However, in the meantime you should make early contact your payroll/shared services provider to ensure that they are aware that changes to these systems will be required.
  3. We have also been working closely with MyCSP to develop a plan to tackle data issues. A key enabler for delivery of that plan will be to establish a dedicated data cleansing team to support the necessary preparations for the new 2015 scheme and IT
    system. One of the key priorities will be to cleanse priority records of members who are affected by then 2015 arrangements. Clean data is key to a successful options
    exercise and transition to the new scheme. We will support data leads, through this plan (please send data lead contact details (if you haven’t already) to however, detailed information will be provided at the Employer event.
    The next employer events will be held on the following dates and locations;
  5. Some of the feedback from the previous event was that employers required detail on the 2015 scheme and therefore agenda for the event will be focused on 2015 scheme.
    The sessions will include the following;

    Options Exercise – To provide detailed information about the options exercise incl. the process, key dates and products used in communicating this exercise to affected members.

    Employer (Payroll) Interface and Interface data – To provide you with an overview of the changes to the payroll/interfaces and, impacts on processes.

    Data Compliance – To provide detailed information on the plan to tackle data issues and, how we plan to support employers.

    Communications – to provide detail on the approach to member communications and the products that will be used.
  6. If you would like to attend one of these events, please send your preferred date/location to by 25th October, at the latest – Once your request is received, you will receive confirmation and directions to the chosen venue. Due to likely demand for this event, a maximum of 2 attendee’s per department/organisation will be permitted and therefore it is important that you identify the appropriate individuals within your department/organisation to attend this event. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Sally Rowles


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1 October 2013
Last updated:
24 April 2023