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EPN375 - RTI Reporting – Scheme Contracted Out Number (SCON)

Audience: This notice will be of interest to: 

  • Pay roll managers; and 
  • Pension Leads

Action: To: 

Ensure your payroll meets the HMRC RTI reporting requirements

Timing: Immediate

  1. HMRC have recently issued instructions that from 6 April 2014 employers will have to include the PCSPS SCON on their RTI Full Payment Submissions. This is for all your employees who are PCSPS members. This additional reporting requirement is part of the preparation for the move to Single Tier State Pension. You can find information in Employer Bulletin February 2014 Issue 46 Guidance on what you need to report can be found at
  2. The PCSPS SCON is S2730001D. Employer Pension Notice 


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