Date posted: 03/03/2014

Audience: This notice will be of interest to: 

  • HR Managers; and 
  • Pension Leads.

Action: To give the 2015 New Pension Scheme Implementation Programme Team the contact details of key roles in your organisation.

Timing: Immediate

  1. The 2015 Programme Team needs the contact details of key roles in your organisation to ensure that we can support you effectively through the 2015 pension changes.
  2. The contact details will be held in MyCSP’s database. The 2015 Programme Team will use the contact details to target information and engagement at the right people. The contact details will not be shared any wider than the 2015 Programme Team.
  3. Please tell us the name, telephone number and e-mail address for the following roles within your organisation: Employer Pension Notice 

1) Accounting Officer;

2) Pension Lead;

3) HR and Finance Director;

4) 2015 Pension Change Lead – the person responsible for managing the internal changes and signing off 2015 scheme implementation readiness assessments;

5) HR Manager;

6) Payroll Manager (internal); and

7) Interface Manager.

  1. You should e-mail the contact details to MyCSP’s Data Team by 12 April 2014,


If you have a question about the distribution of EPNs or you need to receive them in a different format contact

3 March 2014
Last updated:
24 April 2023