Date posted: 28/01/2015


This notice will be of interest to:

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  • Payroll providers
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Review and share clarifications with Payroll Providers/Shared services or IT partners



  1. Update on clarifications to the Standard Developers Guide vs. 5.2

    At EPN410, we issued revised developers guides to expand on EPA processing. As part of feedback during our work with developers, we have been asked to clarify some elements in the examples within the standard developers guide v5.2; we are confident this should have no impact on your development. We recognise that we are close to go live therefore we have summarised the clarifications within this EPN and highlighted the changes in yellow in the document. The revised developers guide has been amended to version 5.3 and can be found following here.
  2. The changes to version 5.2 of the standard developers guide are:

    (a) Clarification of the final paragraph in section 4.16, to remove a sentence that related to the full interface, not the standard interface.

    (b) Clarification of the examples in section 4.17, where incorrect codes were used for SVRSN, STARTCDE and SVSTAT fields.

    (c) New paragraph and table added to section 6.1 to clarify the rules on how Actual Reduced Pay is used to calculate contribution rate bands when on Sick Leave – half pay, but not EPA contributions when on Sick Leave – half pay. Assumed pay is still used in this scenario.

    (d) Paragraph under 6.2 above the table has been amended as the text was incorrectly excluding reckonable absences, but the table had examples of reckonable absences
  3. Employers are responsible for ensuring that your payroll provider/IT partner deliver the 2015 changes to your systems and interface. We are concerned we have not had technical questions from some payroll providers/IT partners, so we will be setting up direct meetings with your providers to gain assurances that you are on track, unless already in place. You may have to help facilitate these discussions.
  4. Archived versions of the developers guide will continue to be on the 2015 Changes page.
  5. Any questions in the relation to these changes should be routed through to


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28 January 2015
Last updated:
24 April 2023