Date posted: 20/02/2015


This notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers; and
  • Pension leads


To ensure you have incorporated the checks described below into your migration planning.




  1. Pension History

    Following the review of EPN416, we are reminding employers that as outlined in EPN383, you must establish a presence check for those members whose age on 1 April 2012 potentially puts them in the tapered enrolment group or entitles them to full protection. This is your responsibility, even if the member was not present in your organisation on 31 March 2012.
  2. We recognise that employers and the Programme have already done a great deal of work in relation to the tapered enrolment group. We anticipate some further support may be required to ensure you do not incorrectly enrol fully protected members into alpha. The Programme may be able to issue you a report once you have done your analysis to help you identify members who are fully protected. The Programme will not be doing the migration exercise for you, as this is an Employer responsibility.
  3. You need to:

    1.   Identify those who on 1 April 2012 were 10 years or less from their NPA (age check).
    2.   You then need to find out if the member was active in the Civil Service Pension Scheme, another public service scheme or on a qualifying break on 31 March 2012 (presence check).
  4. To complete the presence check you should investigate the following:

    a.   Does your payroll / HR system show you employed them on 31 March 2012?

    Yes - they have full protection.

    No – go to b.

    b.   Were they present in another public service scheme or on a qualifying break?

    Yes - they have full protection if they meet the rules in the migration document in EPN 410

    No - go to c

    c.   Was the member working for another Civil Service Pensions employer or on a qualifying break on 31 March 2012? You should look for the OGD1 Transfer form or the pension questionnaire. It is not a valid option to rely on the member’s Civil Service start date that is collected during recruitment.

    Yes - they have full protection.

    No – then the Programme may be able to offer support.
  5. Programme Support

    If you have any members who you cannot establish as being eligible for full protection by meeting both the age and presence check you should table up in the spreadsheet at Annex A. The Programme will then check if their Compendia record can establish if they meet the presence check. You should note that the report MyCSP will return to you will only be as accurate as the data that has been provided by employers.  


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This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members.

If members have a question about their pension they can find information on this website or by contacting MyCSP.


20 February 2015
Last updated:
24 April 2023