Date posted: 23/02/2015


This notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR Managers; and
  • Pension leads


To read and act on the Employer Impact Document at Annex A




  1. The EPA Employer Impact Document that was issued at Annex B to EPN 385 has been updated. Employer Impact Documents explain where you need to make changes to your existing guidance and processes, so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with this information and make changes to your arrangements where necessary.
  2. The updated EPA Employer Impact Document is at Annex A to this EPN. The updated information is highlighted in yellow.
  3. The majority of the changes are about what you need to do after MyCSP has processed an EPA application and how to deal with someone going on to assumed pay. You will have begun to build EPA process maps, which you will need to extend to incorporate the differences in this latest version of the Employer Impact Document.


If you have a question about the distribution of EPNs contact

You can find electronic copies of the Employer Pension Guide, all current EPNs and forms on our website.

This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members.

If members have a question about their pension they can find information on this website or by contacting MyCSP.


23 February 2015
Last updated:
24 April 2023