Date posted: 06/03/2017


  • Those responsible for Scheme Medical Adviser referrals and case-handling,
  • Departmental Occupational Health providers.


  • To use the revised forms which can be found on the Civil Service Website with effect from 8 March
  • To note that there is currently no change to the SMA’s procedural arrangements – employers should continue using existing processes




1. In EPN 487 we informed you that a new Scheme Medical Adviser (SMA), Health Management Ltd, has been appointed and the new framework agreement will be in place from 1 July 2017. Cabinet Office with Health Management Ltd (HML) and Health Assured Ltd (HA) are working together to enable a smooth transition of, among other things, the live caseload from one supplier to the other. This ensures that there will be no barriers preventing the transfer of live cases to HML at 1 July.


IHR 1 – application for ill health retirement

2. We have revised the IHR 1 and the consent elements within it to remove references to a named SMA (Health Assured in this case) and instead used the generic term of ‘Scheme Medical Adviser or ‘ SMA’. This will allow HML to receive live cases from HA without the member having to be contacted to gain their consent for the transfer to the new supplier. These ‘consent’ changes allow us to meet legal and data protection requirements; and the wider review of the form includes taking account of the Alpha pension scheme.

3. You must destroy any stored “old type” forms and with effect from 8 March use the new forms that are published on the Civil Service Pensions Website.

Other forms where the consents elements have been changed

4. In addition to the IHR1 form, we have also updated the consent elements in these forms that should also be used for any new cases with effect from 8 March;

  • APP1 – appeal against medical retirement decision
  • CSIBS1 – application for Injury Benefit
  • CSIBS2 – appeal against medical advice - Injury Benefit
  • EPPA1 – application for an early payment of preserved pension medical assessment

All of these forms are to be found on the Civil Service Website at

5. ‘Live’ cases that contain ‘old style’ consent elements will require updated consent from the member before the case can be transferred to HML. We are putting in place an arrangement whereby in these cases, the employer will be contacted by the SMA for revised consent to be obtained.

Other information

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You can find electronic copies of the Employer Pension Guide, all current EPNs and forms on our website.

This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members.

If members have a question about their pension they can find information by contacting the Civil Service Pension Scheme.


6 March 2017
Last updated:
24 April 2023