Date posted: 30/07/2021


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  • This EPN provides an update to the current processes carried out for Death cases.
  • The Line Manager form is no longer part of the process (from 1 August 2021).
  • The Request For Services (RFS) form has been updated to capture any relevant information regarding the deceased member’s next of kin, if available at the time the RFS is being completed.


Currently, prior to the payment of a Death Benefit Lump Sum, Line Managers are asked to complete a form. This form consisted of three questions around the deceased member’s personal circumstances, living arrangements and details of any other interested parties.

This form has been removed from the process from 1 August 2021 as it brought little assurances around the payment of the Death Benefit Lump sum, and caused unnecessary delays in the process.

Instead, we have updated the RFS Form and employers/shared services will be asked, where the information is readily available, to provide any information regarding the personal circumstances of the deceased member you believe will help us with our decision. For example, living arrangements or any parties who would be considered to be financially dependent on the deceased member.  You are not expected to make further enquiries if this information is not available to you. 

Please note: The Line Manager form will remain in use for any cases prior to 1 August 2021.


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30 July 2021
Last updated:
24 April 2023