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Our Live@Lunch events are being held in May, with three sessions now open for booking.

Live@Lunch is a series of 45-minute live webinars for members, accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Each session covers a key pension topic and is hosted by pensions experts from MyCSP and the Cabinet Office.


  • To note the date of three Live@Lunch sessions in May
  • To signpost members to the scheme website to book their places
  • To work alongside your internal communications colleagues to promote Live@Lunch to your employees and our members




We are pleased to announce that our pension engagement event, Live@Lunch is back by popular demand.

Live@Lunch is a series of 45-minute live webinars for members, accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Each session covers a key pension topic and is hosted by pension experts from MyCSP and the Cabinet Office.

Having listened to your feedback from previous events, we're changing this year’s format slightly so you get the most out of these sessions. During each session, attendees will be able to vote on which topics and questions they'd like our hosts to cover. The most popular will be discussed and explored in detail.

To support members who may not be able to attend the Live@Lunch sessions, we'll also upload a video of each session on the Civil Service Pension Scheme website. Members will be able to watch at their own convenience, and all videos will contain subtitles.

Our Live@Lunch sessions are a popular and engaging way for members to find out more about their pension. Members who attended previously said:

  • “Very clearly presented. Took the mystery out of my pension!”
  • “This was very informative. All areas I was interested in were covered in full. The presenters delivered the session very well. Thank you very much!”
  • “The presenters were really good. Engaging, friendly, professional but very human and very knowledgeable. I was very impressed, and this is possibly the best webinar I have attended for some time.”

This year's event schedule and topics

'Rumour has it': What you need to know about 2015 Remedy
Tuesday 10 May 2022, 12-1pm

Now that the legacy schemes have closed and all members who are in service from 1 April 2022 have moved to alpha, we’ll use this session to dive into 2015 Remedy, including:

  • A walk through the differences between alpha and the legacy schemes by comparing the Remedy period in alpha and a legacy scheme
  • A ‘True or False’ exercise to debunk common rumours and myths around Remedy
  • A deep dive into three topics chosen by attendees, looking at the questions they want answered most.

Demystifying retirement
Wednesday 11 May 2022, 12-1pm

  • Are you coming up to retirement but aren’t sure how it works? In this session, we’ll focus on Retirement by:

    • Demystifying the retirement process by walking through it step by step, so you know what to expect and where to find more information
    • Demonstrating our retirement modeller, which you can find in the Pension Portal or on our website
    • Looking at examples of partial retirement and dual member retirement (taking benefits from one scheme but not the other or taking benefits from two schemes at the same time)
    • We’ll also provide some top tips about your Annual Benefit Statement and how to use it with our Retirement Modeller to get a picture of what your financial future could look like.

Your future starts now: life after joining the scheme
Thursday 12 May 2022, 12-1pm

Planning for your retirement starts on the day you join the scheme, and it’s never too early to start thinking about the future you want. If you’re new to the scheme and aren’t sure where to start, or if you just want to get to know your pension better, this is the session for you.

We’ll explore the scheme and its benefits, features, and options, including:

  • An explanation of our useful tools to help you plan your retirement, including the Pension Portal, Annual Benefit Statements, and Retirement Modeller
  • Benefits for loved ones and dependants and how to make a Death Benefit Nomination
  • Key life events and what they mean for your financial future
  • How you can boost your pension
  • A comparison of the alpha and partnership schemes
  • An introduction to our free, award-winning Pension Power training delivered by our pension experts.

Employer responsibilities

We rely on the help and support of employers to promote member engagement activity and to ensure members can attend.

We would appreciate if you would organise for the display and promotion of these Live@lunch events in your organisation. To support you, we’ve produced a digital pack of marketing collateral (attached to this EPN below). The pack contains an email footer and posters in portrait and landscape format.

We are working with a third-party organisation (Dods) to deliver this year’s Live@lunch events. You may have been contacted by email to ask if your staff can access the dedicated registration and streaming platform. If you haven’t  replied, please could you provide confirmation that you can access the platforms as instructed in the email.

How to book a place

Places are limited, but registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. To secure a place, members should visit the dedicated Live@lunch 2022 page on the Civil Service Pension Scheme website.

Once registered, members will receive an automated email and will have the option to add the appointment to their online calendar. Members will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before the event(s).

If members are unable to access the event(s) through their work IT network, we encourage members to join us using their personal mobile device.

For more information about Live@Lunch, please contact  

Accessing Live@Lunch

We try our best to ensure that as many members as possible can access these sessions. In some instances, members may experience problems when using their employer’s equipment or network. These members should be advised to access the events using their own laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. For additional support, members can access a guide on how to access Live@Lunch and Frequently Asked Questions.


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This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members.

Members can find information about their pension by visiting the member's section.

7 April 2022
Last updated:
24 April 2023