• Pension leads
  • Payroll managers
  • HR managers
  • Any staff who either send Standard or Manual interfaces to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) or manage a shared service/payroll provider who send monthly interface files to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP)


  • This EPN formalises the email sent out on 07.02.2023 by the Scheme Administrator to all employers who deal with either a Standard or Manual Interface and data validation correction process. The email providing revised versions of the Standard Interface Developer Guide (version 7.0) & the Standard Interface Validation Guide (version 2.0).
  • We have updated both guides to align them with 2015 Remedy (“McCloud”)scheme changes that became effective on 1 April 2022. Several other amendments have been made to both guides to update, and provide clarification to, the scheme data and validation requirements. We have also updated the Validation Guide’s layout to enhance its usability.
  • The changes detailed are effective immediately.
  • Support is available.
  • We appreciate that changes to payroll or the pension interface cannot always be made immediately, and the Scheme Administrator will collaborate with employers to meet the revised data requirements documented in the Developer Guide.


  • Note the changes detailed in the release notes of both guides.
  • Note the immediate effective date of all changes.
  • Ensure the guides are passed on to the relevant people responsible for dealing with any required changes to your payroll and/or monthly interface.
  • Note the support available to you.


  • Immediate


We have recently made changes to the Standard Interface Developer Guide and the Standard Interface Validation Guide to incorporate updates related to data requirements and data corrections that were introduced as part of the 2015 Remedy ("McCloud") scheme changes on April 1, 2022.

Standard Interface Developer Guide

The release note outlines the changes made within the documents.

Section 5.3.10 - Pay History

  • After consultation with the Scheme Manager (Cabinet Office) we have updated the 'Regular Contributions for Pension Enhancements (AVCs)' section to provide revised guidance. The updated guidance specifies that Added Pension, EPA, and EEPA contributions for an employee who is on an assumed pay absence should be calculated based on assumed pay, rather than actual pay.

Section 6.4  - The list of employee leaver reasons (SVRSN) for use in the Service History has been updated:

  • The code "04 - End of contract" has been added back as a valid reason for leaving in the system. This change was made based on feedback from employers and shared service suppliers who requested its reinstatement.
  • Code "99 - Other" has been removed as a valid reason for leaving. This change was made to ensure accurate notifications for early leavers through the interface. Any submissions with this code will now be rejected by the interface validations as it is no longer accepted

Standard Interface Validation Guide

All changes within the documents are outlined in the release note. Changes to note are:

  • The introduction of re-writable supplementary lines of data on the Data Validation Report (DVR). These lines will be highlighted in blue and will provide you with the ability to easily update previously provided records to correct errors reported in your latest DVR.
  • The introduction of a definition glossary of ‘DVF Hints’ to make it easier to understand the meaning of each hint on your DVR.
  • A new layout that orders validations by record type rather than by Data Validation reference number.
  • Retrospective introduction of three validations that have been added to the interface validation process over the past 18 months:
  • T5 / 30346 – introduced to reject a non-alpha or non-partnership service history record with a start date of 01.04.2022 or later.
  • QF / 30349 – Introduced to reject a PCS pay history with a start date of 01.04.2022 or later for a non-partnership employee.
  • A9 / 27004 – introduced to help employers identify which of the five mandatory records have been supplied for a new joiner. Will be supplied on the DVR in conjunction with the following DVFs: 21001 (missing service history) 21002 (missing salary history) 21004 (missing pay history) 20827 (missing address record).

Support available to you

If you have any questions about this EPN or the content of the attached guides, please address these by emailing your Interface Analyst at:

For employers with outsourced payroll support, please ensure you forward this EPN and both guides to the appropriate payroll or shared service contact so they can make any necessary changes to your payroll and/or monthly interface.


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This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members. 

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14 April 2023
Last updated:
24 April 2023