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  • Payroll managers
  • HR managers


  • As the employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your payroll/payroll provider sends Legal & General (L&G) and the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) accurate and timely information via electronic interface.
  • Your payroll system data must be transferred in line with the interface specifications, so if you use an external payroll provider (or will use one in future) you must ensure they have a compatible system in place.
  • If you do plan to change your payroll provider or develop new in-house interfaces, you must notify L&G and the Scheme Administrator.


  • Be aware of your responsibility to notify L&G and the Scheme Administrator if you are planning to change your payroll provider or develop new in-house interfaces.
  • Be aware of the notice period you are required to give L&G and the Scheme Administrator.


  • Immediate


  • If you are planning to change your payroll provider or develop new in-house interfaces, you must give L&G & the Scheme Administrator at least six months’ notice.
  • This will allow enough time for L&G to arrange portal access and necessary training for the new payroll provider.  At the appropriate time, the old provider will be removed from the system and will ensure that employee/employer pension contributions can be collected and invested without delay.
  • Late notification and failure by the payroll provider to pay contributions on time may result in the employer being reported to the Pensions Regulator who may issue a fine for late payment.  The L&G trustees are legally obliged to inform members.  Lack of investment at the right time may also result in a shortfall, which should be made good.
  • Your interface must be developed using the latest version of the Interface Developer’s Guide, which the Scheme Administrator will supply on request. You interface must also be developed in accordance with the Civil Service Pension Scheme rules and pass the Scheme Administrator’s interface validation process.

Support available to you

The Scheme Administrator and/or L&G will offer guidance and support where required.


If you have a question about the distribution of EPNs or need to receive them in a different format, contact

You can find electronic copies of the Employers’ Pension Guide, all current EPNs and forms on our website: under ‘Employers’.

This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members. 

If members have a question about their pension, they can find information at



17 August 2023
Last updated:
17 August 2023