Date posted: 28/04/2004

Issue: Employers must consult CSPD about any proposals to make changes to pay structures that would:

  • alter pensionable earnings, or
  • affect the PCSPS definition of pensionable pay.

This includes plans to make non-consolidated bonuses pensionable

A summary of the benefits provided by the Civil Service Pension Arrangements is enclosed for information

This Notice will be of particular interest to:

  • HR pay policy teams
  • HR staff dealing with recruitment flexibilities

For information: You should ensure that all staff who work with recruitment and pay policy are aware of this important information.

Timing: Ongoing






  1. When pay policy was delegated to departments in 1998, HM Treasury issued a series of Guidance Notes. Whilst the majority of Guidance Notes have been overtaken by events, the pensions issues covered by Guidance Note 35 still apply. An updated version of Guidance Note 35 is attached to this EPN, for insertion as an Annex to Section 3 of the Employer’s Pension Guide (EPG).
  2. We have issued a revised and updated Section 3 of the EPG to all EPG holders. This includes new scheme information and EPN58 on pension flexibilities. If you do not have access to a copy of the EPG please request your copy from the contact below.
  3. The revised Guidance Note 35 (2004) will also be placed on the Employer and APAC section of our website.
  4. A new Annex A to Guidance Note 35 provides a summary of Civil Service pension arrangement benefits for your information. Further detail is set out in the revised Section 3 of the Employer’s Pension Guide, and in scheme booklets that are available on our website.


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28 April 2004
Last updated:
24 April 2023