Date posted: 07/11/2013

FAO: HR Managers and Shared Services providers

Subject: Changes to PCSPS New Starter Pack order forms (DRF2)

Action Required:

  1. To note the changes being made to the PCSPS New Starter Pack order form

  2. To ensure the process is understood by all relevant people within your organisation and new entrants

Timing: Immediate


We are writing to you to highlight a change that MyCSP has made to the PCSPS New Entrant Pack order forms; and to ask for your help in ensuring the ordering process is understood by all people involved with administering the scheme within your organisation.

Recently a number of new entrants’ Pension Choices forms have been incorrectly returned to MyCSP, rather than to their employer. To ensure this does not happen in future, MyCSP has updated the Despatch Request Form (DRF2) and the DRF2 spreadsheet, which employers should use for bulk orders. As well as bringing this to your attention, we would like to use this opportunity to clarify how the ordering process should work.

  1. New Starter Packs are produced and sent out to new members on request by St Ives Direct, MyCSP’s current print and distribution supplier. When you issue the Letter of Appointment (or earlier communication as appropriate) you must, at the same time, instruct St Ives Direct to issue a New Starter Pack.
  2. Please ensure that you attach the updated version of the Despatch Request Form (DRF2) or DRF2 spreadsheet, both of which are now available here, to an email and send it to St Ives Direct will immediately acknowledge your email.
  3. If you are unable to use email, please post your orders to:

St Ives Direct Ltd
St Ives plc
1 Tudor Street

The envelope should be marked ‘For the attention of the MyCSP Team’.

Or Fax your orders to: 0870 0131 694

  1. Once the member receives the New Starter Pack, they should complete and return the Pension Choices form to their employer, so that you are able to ensure the correct deductions are made from payroll. Any forms that are returned in error to MyCSP will not be processed.
  2. St Ives Direct have been instructed not to process any orders submitted on outdated versions of the form, with immediate effect, so please ensure that you dispose of any copies of the previous version of the forms that you currently hold.

You can read more about new entrants on this website and if you have any questions, please contact your Client Relationship Manager.

Thank you for your assistance,

Ian Merga
Chief Operating Officer, MyCSP

7 November 2013
Last updated:
24 April 2023