Date posted: 12/12/2013

FAO: HR Managers and Shared Services providers

Subject: Ordering PCSPS New Starter Packs using the DRF2 forms

Action Required: To note the corrected email address and instructions for sending new starter pack order forms to St Ives

Timing: Immediate


This is to advise you of a correction to the email address to use when ordering new starter packs from St Ives Direct, which was provided in the message we sent to you on 26 November; and to provide you with some additional information from St Ives Direct, to ensure that orders are received and processed as efficiently as possible.

To clarify, the correct email address to use is This email address is also highlighted on both the DRF2 form and spreadsheet. Please note any emails that were sent to the previously advised address will be automatically redirected.

St Ives Direct have also asked us to make you aware that care needs to be taken when filling in these forms, because whatever you type into the form automatically gets printed onto the member’s Pension Choices form. So to avoid any problems or delays, they ask that you:

  • make sure you provide your PSC code;
    • Liverpool = PSC Code 9
    • Worthing = PSC Code 5
    • Newcastle = PSC Code 6
    • Cheadle = PSC Code 14
  • make sure you complete the ‘Pack type’ and ‘Start date’ fields – the requests cannot be processed without these;
  • do not enter the employee’s NI number or date of birth – please leave these boxes/columns blank, but do not delete them from the form or spreadsheet;
  • do not tick the ‘’other’’ box and then type in the PSC address for the completed form to be returned to – the forms must be returned to the member’s employer in the first instance;
  • MyCSP wants to ensure all scheme communications are clear and engaging and welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvements. Email
  • do not alter the form in any way other than filling in the existing fields; and in particular;
  • do not enter ‘not required’ or ‘N/A’ in any fields – if the information is not available, please leave the field blank.

You can read more about new entrants on the website and if you have any questions, please contact your Client Relationship Manager. 

Thank you for your assistance,

Ian Merga
Chief Operating Officer, MyCSP

12 December 2013
Last updated:
24 April 2023