Date posted: 20/03/2014

FAO: PCSPS Employers

Subject: Information about the 2013/14 annual resource (disclosure) accounts

Action Required: To note

Timing: Immediate

MyCSP understands that it is important that you submit and publish your annual resource (disclosure) accounts within the set timescales.

What’s happening?

Cabinet Office (the pension scheme manager), is currently actively consulting with HM Treasury with regards to a new requirement which has been introduced for 2013/14 and once finalised, Cabinet Office will issue an Employer Pension Notice (EPN). The EPN will tell you what information you will need to provide to MyCSP, as well as the process to be followed for the 2013/14 financial year.

Any changes to the information we have asked you for in previous years will also be confirmed at this stage.

How it affects you

MyCSP is only able to commence production of 2013/14 annual resource (disclosure) accounts information once the EPN has been issued and all of the correct documentation that will be specified in the EPN is received, including a valid March payroll interface file. Based on the current understanding of requirements, MyCSP will aim to provide you with 2013/14 annual resource (disclosure) accounts information within 25 working days of receiving the necessary documentation and data from you, subject to resolution of any queries which may arise concerning individual members. If this timescale is impacted by the new HM Treasury requirement, we will inform you.

Until the EPN has been issued, we are unable to provide any further information.

If you have any follow up questions please contact your Pension Service Centre.

Cath Cooney
Head of Scheme Compliance, MyCSP

MyCSP wants to ensure all scheme communications are clear and engaging and welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvements. Email

20 March 2014
Last updated:
24 April 2023