Date posted: 10/07/2014

FAO: HR Managers and Shared Services providers and any employer contacts who correspond with MyCSP

Subject: Improvements to our email system

Action Required:

  1. To note the changes to our email system
  2. To ensure the process is understood by all relevant people within your organisation

Timing: Immediate


We are continually seeking ways to improve the way we work with employers and this is to advise you of some changes that we are making to the way we communicate with you by email.

With effect from 14 July 2014, any emails you send to us in response to an enquiry we have raised with you in relation to a case in progress will be automatically linked to the relevant case on MyCSP’s work management system.

To ensure this process works effectively, we need you to reply to our emails in the following way:

  • Please ensure the work item number in the subject line is retained and not amended in any way. This number will be used to identify the response and link it to the correct case.
  • Only send the detailed response to us. We do not need you to send acknowledgement emails or emails simply keeping us up to date as these could cause delays when processing cases.

When raising a new request or notification please continue to send these to the contact centre email address in the normal way.

Please note that we will close down the team email boxes over the next 3 months. A forwarding service will be utilised for a short period. If you use the team email address for matters other than individual member cases your Service Delivery Manager will contact you to advise you which address to use for future email correspondence.

Thank you for your assistance,

Ian Merga
Chief Operating Officer, MyCSP


10 July 2014
Last updated:
24 April 2023