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MEM009 - Manual Interface

FAO: All employers intending to use a manual interface to submit monthly pension data after 1 April 2015.

Subject: Using the Manual Interface for submission of monthly pension data

Action Required: Impacted employers should familiarise themselves with the revised Compendia spreadsheet interfaces - user instructions and requirements.

Timing: Urgent action required


The Compendia spreadsheet interfaces - user instructions has been revised in preparation for the introduction of alpha from 1 April and is shown here as Appendix A. The Manual Interface spreadsheet is shown as Appendix B.

You should familiarise yourself with the Compendia spreadsheet interfaces - user instructions. The changes are highlighted in yellow. Please also review the Manual Interface spreadsheet. You should only start to use the Manual Interface spreadsheet from 1 April. You will receive further instructions from MyCSP.

You will be invited to attend a call with a representative from MyCSP, where we will go through the Guidance and Manual Interface requirements and answer any questions you may have. The calls will be scheduled for the week commencing 9 March 2015.

If you have any questions ahead of your scheduled call please send them to: