Measuring performance

We are introducing new Monthly Interface performance measures and targets. Their purpose is to help you to improve the timeliness and quality of monthly data submissions by clearly outlining what we expect of you and reporting to you on how you are performing. The measures largely formalise the process that already exists in terms of submission timeliness but we will also ask you to meet a quality target of no more than 2% or 100 errors in your interface data. Reports will be provided from January 2018 to help you monitor your performance.

The performance measures and targets are as follows:


  • The submission of a single interface file per month, no more than two days before or after your agreed submission date; 
  • The submission of your Data Validation Report return ahead of your next interface, if you are advised of errors and warnings in your data. 


  • No more than 2% or 100 data errors in your initial interface submission (we aim to reduce errors to 1% in 2019 and 0.5% in 2020);
  • If you are advised of errors and warnings in your data, submission of a single, completed Data Validation Report return. 

We will monitor your performance against the measures and targets. We will provide reporting from January 2018 (for your December 2017 interface) and expect you to meet these targets from February 2018 (for your January 2018 interface). Where you are unable to meet these targets, we will offer guidance and support and if necessary, ask you to provide a plan to improve your performance. However, further escalation through Cabinet Office may be required where performance does not improve. 

17 December 2021
Last updated:
17 December 2021