Certain scheme provisions, such as Ill Health Retirement, require medical advice. The exclusive provider of scheme medical advice is, currently, Health Management Limited.

Employers and pensions administrators must use Health Management Limited when dealing with Ill Health Retirement requests from staff or when considering them for Ill Health Retirement.

Health Management Limited have a dedicated helpdesk for employers:

  • Email: South.06@healthmanltd.com
  • Telephone: 01273 976 030

    (This number is not for members. Members who have medical related questions should raise them via their employer).

The Ill Health Retirement – Procedural Guidance for Employers  provides guidance on the medically related benefits of the Civil Service pension arrangements, the criteria for award and the evidence required so that cases can be processed as effectively and efficiently as possible. (This guidance forms Annex 6J of the Employer Pension Guide). In addition there is also a spreadsheet showing the new process for any IHR cases affected by the HMRC annual allowance restrictions - It has not been incorporated into the main document due to its size and you should note that this document is set to print in size A3.

The Medical Reviews and Appeals Guide provides guidance on appeals. We have provided a range of order forms for each type of standard referral. You can view the full range on our Employer Forms page. Please also refer to EPN498, EPN499 and EPN501 for further details.