Full Interface Users Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

We are making some enhancements to the Standard and Manual interfaces, which are described in the relevant FAQ section. As a full interface user you will see some changes, including:

  • We are making the data validation checks used by the Monthly Interface and the Data Cleanse project consistent. This means that you will need to use and understand new data validation failure codes;
  • The validations will now be known as Data Validation Checks (DVC);
  • When a record fails a data validation check, we will report it to you as a Data Validation Failure (DVF).

These changes were announced at the Regional Employer Forums in January and February 2017 and in April and May 2017 and confirmed in EPN 505.

When will the enhancements to the Monthly Interface be ready?

The enhancements to the Monthly Interface will go-live in November 2017, ready for your October interface file.

What support is available?

Your Interface Analyst will work with you and provide guidance to help you address Data Validation Failures in month before submission of your next regular monthly interface.

If you have any questions related to the new monthly interface, please contact us at monthlyinterface@mycsp.co.uk.