Standard and Manual Interface Users Frequently Asked Questions

When will the enhancements to the Monthly Interface be ready?

The enhancements to the Monthly Interface will go-live in November 2017, ready for your October interface file. All employers using a Standard or Manual interface file will benefit from the changes at the same time.

What will change?

We are not changing the interface file formats. However, we will reduce the amount of non-essential data that we ask you to send to us.

The following will change:

1. We are developing a new Errors and Warnings validation report so that as much information as possible is pre-populated. This will help reduce the manual effort in populating the correction file and it will allow you to “confirm” Warnings (records that are suspicious, but correct).

2. We are introducing more detailed reporting to help you know that your data is being interfaced correctly:

  • We will be able to tell you how many joiners, leavers, salary changes and allowance updates have occurred in-month and been uploaded onto Compendia;
  • We will also be able to tell you how many Errors and Warnings have been actioned and how many are outstanding.

3. We are rationalising the data validation checks so that they are consistent across the monthly interface and Data Cleanse project. This will ensure the Scheme only receives the data that it needs.

4. The validations will now be known as Data Validation Checks (DVC).

5. When a record fails a Data Validation Check, we will report it to you as a Data Validation Failure (DVF).

These changes were announced at the Regional Employer Forums in January and February 2017 and in April and May 2017 and confirmed in EPN 505.

What do you need to do?

  • Read the guidance;
  • Familiarise yourself with the changes;
  • Contact your Interface Analyst if you have any questions.

Are any IT changes required?

No immediate changes are required as a result of the enhancements that we are introducing in November 2017.  However, some small changes will be required over the next seven months to remove data items no longer required and replace them with spaces in your interface. This will align the interface with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018.  

You should work with your payroll suppliers to ensure that unnecessary data is removed from your interface file in accordance with the interface Developer’s Guide for May 2018.

What support is available?

1. You will receive in-depth guidance documentation including: 

  • A new version of the  Developer’s Guide;
  • A scenarios document which sets out examples on how to complete the interface;
  • A list of data checks which will detail what each validation means and a suggested resolution. 

2. Your Interface Analyst will work with you and provide guidance to help you address Data Validation Failures in month before submission of your next regular monthly interface.

3. If you have any questions related to the new monthly interface, please contact us at