A statement of work (SOW) is categorised as a request from an Employer for a certain task to be carried out by MyCSP that does not fall within the contracted administration services that MyCSP provide to Cabinet Office as Scheme Manager for the Civil Service Pension Arrangements.

The statement of work process

The employer liaises with their Employer Relationship Manager at MyCSP and completes the F1 Statement of Work form.

The relevant team in MyCSP will impact assess the request.

The finance team at MyCSP will calculate a cost estimate for the request.

MyCSP will send the SOW to the Cabinet Office for review.

The SOW is sent back to the employer for approval. The employer should then raise a Purchase Order number and send the details back to MyCSP.

  1. PO received > work to commence
  2. SOW not progressing > SOW cancelled

MyCSP will Issue any outputs to employer and request timesheet from team(s) at MyCSP.

MyCSP request their finance team to raise an invoice.

The SOW process is completed. 

Some examples of SOW tasks

Consultancy Services

  • Project Management of Employer driven changes
  • Help with Machinery of Government changes
  • Support when developing a new member interface
  • Provision of additional member information
  • Supplementary Benefit Statements for member holding discretions

TUPE transfers or New Fair Deal (NFD)

  • Consultancy help with TUPE transfers in or out of the pension scheme
  • Production of Past Service transfer option exercises
  • Loading of service credits following an external past service transfer exercise

Data corrections/cleanse

  • Notification of back-dated pay awards that need to be loaded into the system
  • Requests to amend incorrect historical member data
  • Rectification of member benefit calculations following changes to historical member data
  • Corrections to Added Years or Added Pension calculations where historical information provided has been incorrect

Payroll & interface

  • Cover off additional interface files as required under the Compliance Guide
  • Interface testing support and sign off when employers change payroll provider

Request a SOW

To request an SOW, complete the F1 Statement of Work form and send it to your Employer Relationship Manager.

If you would like to discuss any tasks you think might be outside of the Civil Service Pension Scheme contracted administration services, please contact your Employer Relationship Manager.

MyCSP can also do consultancy work for By Analogy Schemes. These schemes are not covered by the main contract with Cabinet Office, so would be actioned under a letter of engagement.

MyCSP can do the following By Analogy Work under a Letter of engagement:

  • Calculation of annual Pension increases.
  • Pension benefit calculations
    • Member retiring from Deferred status
    • Calculation of spouse pension following a members passing

If you require help with your By Analogy Scheme then please email our consultancy team at consultancy@mycsp.co.uk or call  0203 997 5076.

19 October 2022
Last updated:
30 March 2023