Inherited Protection: Normal Pension Ages in Public Service schemes

EPN 397 sets out examples of how to test if existing members qualify for tapered enrolment or full protection, because they had previously been a member of another Public Service pension scheme.

To help you do those tests we have listed the normal pension ages in the other public service schemes in the table below:

Judiciary   65
National Health Service (1) 1995 60
  2008 65
The Teachers Scheme Pre 2007 60
  Post 2007 65
Fire and Rescue 1992 55
  2006 60
The Police Scheme 1987 Section After 30 years' service
  2006 Section 55
Armed Forces   55
Local Government PS   65

1. Mental Health Officer = Working in Mental Health, in post on or before 6 March 1995, with at least 20 years’ service and a break in pensions employment of any one period of five years or less, qualifies for an normal pension age of 55.

Special Class = Working as a Nurse, midwife, Health visitor or Physiotherapists in post on or before the 6 of March 1996, who have not had a break in pensionable employment of any one period of five years or more, may have the right to retire from a normal pension age of 55 without a reduction to their pension