3.3.1 The CSAVCS allowed members of classicclassic pluspremiumnuvos and alpha to contribute to an investment scheme with a financial institution to provide additional retirement benefits.

3.3.2 The statutory CSAVCS was closed to new members with effect from 31 August 2018. The providers were:

  • Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life

Please note: Members with Equitable Life who are eligible for Protected Life Cover or guaranteed benefits from a with-profits fund investment can continue to contribute. 

Members who benefit from guarantees or special terms, or who opt-out of the CSAVCS transfer exercise, will be allowed to retain their existing pension pot within the scheme. They cannot contribute to the scheme (unless they are a member of Equitable Life).

3.3.3 The CSAVCS offers flexibility for the member to:

  • select the level of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) paid (Equitable Life members only),
  • determine which of the additional benefits they want and which investment methods, and
  • decide how they want to access their CSAVC fund.

3.3.4   CSAVCS contributions receive tax relief, subject to HMRC limits.

3.3.5 The Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) will be able to provide you with more detailed information on the CSAVCS. There is also more information in The Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme publication.

21 December 2021
Last updated:
27 January 2022