Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS)

The CSCS allows you to pay compensation to members who leave on early departure terms.

CSCS benefits for members who have transferred service in from a ‘By analogy’ scheme

Service transferred in from a ‘By analogy’ scheme

Early departure

There are three categories of early departure. Before you can launch any scheme you will need approval from the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office.

Ill Health Retirement (IHR) and Retrospective Ill Health Retirement (RIHR)

You can grant members of any age Ill Health Retirement if the Scheme Medical Adviser believes their...

Paying CSCS benefits while an appeal against refusal to grant Ill Health Retirement is in progress

Where someone is leaving voluntarily (e.g. resigning, retiring or leaving under voluntary exit terms (including voluntary redundancy)) they are choosing those exit terms rather than leaving on IHR.

Table 1 CSCS – Step by step for Employers

Table 1 gives guidance on the actions that need to be taken when carrying out an Exit Scheme.

Scheme Administrator action

In addition to the information stated in table 1, the Scheme Administrator will also give members additional information

Fixed term appointments

A fixed term employee whose contract is terminated on the expiry date on the grounds of redundancy may be entitled to compensation under the scheme.

Early Termination of a Fixed Term Contract

If you propose to terminate a fixed term contract early for redundancy, you must first make an offer to that employee for a departure using Voluntary Redundancy terms.

Injury Benefit

A person who has suffered an injury that qualifies under the Civil Service Injury Benefit Scheme who then leaves on Voluntary Exit, Voluntary Redundancy or Compulsory Redundancy is entitled to ask for Injury Benefit.

Redundancy following a TUPE transfer

Questions about TUPE and the CSCS.

Staff who TUPE transferred and had opted out

Staff who TUPE transferred and are not eligible to join the CSP arrangements

Re-employment – potential effects on pension and CSCS benefits

4 January 2022
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11 May 2022