3.3.7 The CSCS provides compensation for civil servants whose employment is terminated under the following categories:

  • Voluntary Exit (VE) 
  • Voluntary Redundancy (VR) 
  • Compulsory Redundancy (CR) 
  • Efficiency Dismissal

3.3.8 The CSCS covers most employees, including those who have opted out of the CSP arrangements.

3.3.9 It also provides compensation for civil servants on fixed-term appointments in certain circumstances.

3.3.10 As the employer, you must meet the full costs of benefits paid under the CSCS (including early payment of pensions).

See section 6.3 (‘Early departure and ill health’) for more information about the categories of early departure and when they can be used.

21 December 2021
Last updated:
21 December 2021