4.3.20 Once the level of abatement (or earnings margin) has been calculated for a re-employed pensioner, it will not normally change during the course of the re-employment, other than an annual increase in line with inflation. The normal annual increase in the person’s re-employed salary will not result in a recalculation of abatement.

4.3.21 However, you will need to complete box B or C of form CSP13 and send it to the Scheme Administrator if the person:

  • is promoted or demoted (either permanently or temporarily); or
  • increases or decreases their conditioned hours; or
  • starts (or stops) receiving a permanent pensionable allowance;
  • has a change in pay as a result of being on (or returning from) long term sick leave.

Note: If the member’s pay has substantially increased or decreased for any other reason than shown above you must complete a new CSP13 and send it to the Scheme Administrator.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021