Date posted: 01/10/2009


  • Finance Directors
  • HR or Finance Managers with specific responsibility for telling payroll providers each year about changes to the salary bands on which ASLC charges are based

Action: You must notify your payroll provider now of the revised ASLC salary bands which take effect from 1 April 2010.

Timing: Immediate


1. ASLCs are the employer contributions you pay to us Civil Service Pensions Division every month which are credited to Cabinet Office: Civil Superannuation. The contributions represent the cost of the pensions building up for your employees who are members of the Civil Service pension arrangements.

2. The table overleaf shows the annual full-time salary used to determine the appropriate ASLC charge that you will pay for each member of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme. The revised salary bands take effect from 1 April 2010.

3. You must pay us the full and correct ASLC, by the 19th calendar day of the month following the payroll date, for each scheme member. You must also send us, at the same time, the pension contributions that you have deducted from your employees’ salaries. You should also send us a detailed breakdown of the payment as set out in EPN167. Please ensure in all cases, that the total of the contributions set out in your return matches the payment made to us. The breakdown should be sent to us so we have the details by the time we receive your payment.


Revised Salary Band (£)

ASLC rate from 1 April 2010

Band 1

21,000 and under


Band 2

21,001 to 43,000


Band 3

43,001 to 74,000


Band 4

74,001 and over


Prison Officers with reserved rights (pre-Fresh Start)


The mini-ASLC for the provision of risk benefits to those opting for partnership pension arrangements remains at 0.8%.


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1 October 2009
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