Date posted: 18/08/2017


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  • To advise members of the new Death Benefit Nomination form that can now be used by all members, regardless of their Scheme or section of their Scheme.

    Note: This new form is not for use by members of the CSAVC, Partnership or Standalone Stakeholder schemes.  You can find further details of the benefits available under these schemes using this link 


  • From Friday 18 August 2017


A member can complete a Death Benefit Nomination form to confirm who they want the Scheme Manager to consider as recipients when making any lump sum death benefit payments. Previously, there were four Death Benefit Nomination forms. Members were required to select the correct form to complete, depending on their Scheme or section of their Scheme, when confirming death benefit nominations. 

20% of completed forms were being returned to members. This was mainly due to members selecting the wrong form for the Scheme or section of the Scheme that they were in, or not completing the form correctly.


We have revised the Death Benefit Nomination form as follows: 

  • We have combined the four Death Benefit Nomination forms into one form – this form will cover all sections of PCSPS as well as alpha; and
  • We have added a guidance section to help members fill the form in correctly.

Having a single form with a clear guidance section should mean less forms are returned to members. 

Please ensure that any stock or electronically held Death Benefit Nomination forms pre-dating this EPN are destroyed and/or removed from members’ view. 

With effect from 17 August 2017, please use the new Death Benefit Nomination form available on the Civil Service Pensions website 

Further guidance on how to complete a Death Benefit Nomination form can be found here:

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18 August 2017
Last updated:
24 April 2023