Date posted: 28/09/2017


  • Civil Service and New Fair Deal employers – particularly individuals responsible for making referrals to the Scheme Medical Adviser
  • IT Department or Security units
  • Pension Leads and HR Managers


  • To note the report on the completion of the National Cyber Security Centre data assurance process
  • To note best practice guidance on accessing and using the Health Management Ltd. online portal to track cases
  • To note the correct procedure for Ill-Health retirement applications where a member has, or is about to, transition to the alpha pension scheme


  • Immediate


Data Assurance Process

Health Management Limited (HML) has recently been engaged as the Scheme Medical Advisor (SMA) by the Cabinet Office for the provision of medical and associated administrative services for Civil Service Pension Scheme.

The service is processing personal data about employees, which is classified as OFFICIAL and needing additional control for the data to be handled as SENSITIVE. The Cabinet Office Data Security Unit has worked closely with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to undertake a data assurance process to ensure that the service meets these standards.

The security assurance approach has been built upon the most recent NCSC guidance on the security outcomes required for an OFFICIAL service. The security outcomes which are being used to assure the service are available on the NCSC website using this link

Also, due to the nature of the data being processed and stored, additional assurance has been performed to confirm the service complies with Bulk Data Guidance. You can find out more by using this link

Following a review of the documentary evidence and the completion of on-site reviews, the Accreditor has confirmed that they consider the residual risk is within the service risk appetite. To validate the position, HML will complete a further health check in conjunction with Cabinet Office during Quarter 4 2017.

The Scheme Manager will engage with HML and data assurance specialists on an on-going basis to ensure the maintenance of the highest possible standards of security.

Accessing and using the portal to track referral cases

HML has reported a number of impromptu requests from employers with regard to portal access and has asked that we flag the correct process to you. Employers can ensure that the relevant members of their team can see cases on the portal by following the attached process documents:

Ill-health retirement and the transition into the alpha pension scheme

Employers should take care when identifying which pension section the employee is in, when referring them to the Scheme Medical Adviser (SMA). You should take particular care to note when the employee is due to transition into the alpha scheme:

  • Employees who have transitioned into the alpha scheme before an Ill Health Retirement application is made to the SMA should be referred as alpha members.
  • Employees who are scheduled to transition after an Ill Health Retirement application is made to the SMA should be referred as members of the section they are in at the date of the application, and should not be transitioned into the alpha scheme.

If the incorrect details are provided when the application is made any decision by the SMA will be invalid and the referral will need to be resubmitted as soon as the error is noted.   

Other information

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28 September 2017
Last updated:
24 April 2023