Date posted: 24/08/2018


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This EPN provides additional information about the Defined Contribution (DC) Transition Project and the actions required by employers.


  • To note actions required in order to ensure access to the Legal & General (L&G) Master Trust from September 2018.
  • To note details of Scheme Manager letters being issued to active members.
  • To action the launch of the new AVC application process.
  • To note confirmation of the data assurance process, which has been undertaken by Cabinet Office as Scheme Manager.
  • To note the release of training material.
  • To action changes to the procedure for contributions to the Standalone Stakeholder Scheme where contributions are paid via payroll.


  • Immediate


1. In EPN 527, we confirmed Legal & General (L&G) as the new DC provider and asked employers and payrolls to initiate change requests to implement the transition to the new provider on 1 September 2018.

2. In EPN533, EPN538, EPN539, EPN542, EPN545  and EPN546 we provided further information about the transition project and guidance on the actions required by employers.

3. This EPN provides further updates on the transition project.

Master Trust Deeds of Participation (For Employers who have active members in the AVC & Partnership schemes)

4. In order for an employer to participate in the L&G scheme they need to complete a Master Trust Deed of participation. 

5. Deeds have now been issued to all employers where the employer has active members in the AVC and/ or Partnership schemes and we have received the execution details needed to allow the deeds to be generated.

6. An e-form was issued alongside the deed(s) to collect information required by L&G for scheme setup purposes.

7. It is imperative that the completed deed(s) and e-form are returned immediately, if you have not already done so.  If you have any questions about the process or if you have not received the relevant items then please email

Member engagement  - Scheme Manager Letters to active members

8. We are in the process of preparing and issuing the Scheme Manager letters to active members of the CSAVC and Partnership Pension schemes and they will now be issued on 29 August by first class post.  Please accept our apologies for the delay.

9. The full letter set plus supporting documents was loaded to the website on Friday 17 August and are available in the Defined Contribution section.

10. We have identified circa. 280 members with invalid addresses.  If any of your members fall within this group we will arrange for the letters to be sent to you for onward distribution. We will contact you to arrange the drop to you.

11. If you have any questions about the mailing please email and quote ‘Scheme Manager Letters’ in the subject line.

AVC Application Process

12. The new AVC application form can be found on these pages.

13. A staff member who wishes to start an AVC plan should complete an application form and send it to the employer/ payroll for processing.  Once processed the application form should be retained on your records.

14. If you have a staff member who wishes to open an AVC with Legal & General please refer them to the website for information. Please do not refer staff members to Legal & General as this is a Civil Service Pensions process and they will not be able to help. 

Data Security

15. The data assurance process has been completed and a data security statement is attached as Annex A, below.

L&G Interface training

16. L&G have designed a bespoke training guide and video for use by participating employers and their payroll teams.

17. An email with access details was issued on 14 June to the key employer contacts, for onward distribution to the relevant staff members.

18. If you did not receive the original email, please contact Legal and General using this email address:

Standalone Stakeholder Plan

19. Payroll contributions to the Standalone Stakeholder scheme must cease following the August payroll. For example, payroll contributions should not be made from the September payroll.

20. If you have not already done so please ensure that this change is implemented.

21. Scheme Members will be advised through the Scheme Manager letters to be issued on 29th August.

Items for inclusion in future EPNs

  1. Member engagement on the transfer of existing pension pots.


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This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members.

If members have a question about their pension, they can find information on this website or by contacting the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP).


24 August 2018
Last updated:
24 April 2023