This notice will be of interest to:

  • Pension leads
  • Payroll managers
  • HR managers


  • Our Pension Awareness Month will be taking place across September.
  • Registration to take part is now open.
  • Please work with your colleagues to promote this event to your active scheme members.


Please work with your organisation’s communications colleagues to promote Pension Awareness Month to all active scheme members.


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  • Due to the popularity of last year's Pension Awareness Week, we are proud to announce the very first Pension Awareness Month (PAM) - our biggest Civil Service Pensions awareness event.
  • Taking place throughout September, Pension Awareness Month will provide attendees with the opportunity to benefit from practical advice, inspiration, and top tips on how to plan and manage their journey to retirement.
  • Each week is themed around a stage of a member's retirement journey with:

    1. Weekly emails directing them to help and support on our scheme website
    2. A weekly webinar on weeks 1,2 & 4 - with the opportunity to ask questions
    3. A series of live webinars in week 3 delivered by our team of pensions experts


  • Week 1: Starting your journey
    Your path to retirement is like an uncharted map, waiting to be explored. Join us in week one to make sure you start your journey off right.

  • Week 2: On your journey
    Join us in week two and gain the confidence knowing that you’re on track to achieve your retirement goals.

  • Week 3: Pension pitstop
    Join us for a week of webinars (see below) before continuing on your retirement journey.

  • Week 4: Arriving at your retirement
    In week four, we’ll help to prepare you for a smooth landing on the final leg of your retirement journey.

  • Week 3 webinars:

    • Monday, 18 September – Pensions 101 workshop
    • Tuesday, 19 September – Life Events, Session 1
    • Wednesday, 20 September – Life Events, Session 2
    • Thursday, 21 September – Preparing for Retirement, Session 1
    • Friday, 22 September – Preparing for Retirement, Session 2

Promoting PAM

  • We rely on employers to promote pensions events, in order to ensure members can access the pensions support provided.
  • Please use this pack of digital assets and work with your communications colleagues to promote PAM in your organisation.
  • In addition to this we will be emailing members who have either previously attended Pension Awareness Week, a Live@Lunch event, and anyone who has registered for the pension Portal to make them aware of Pension Awareness Month.

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2 August 2023
Last updated:
4 August 2023