Upon signing up, you'll receive weekly emails that direct you to help and support on our scheme website. But that's not all – our free weekly live webinars will focus on key stages of each journey and offer a unique opportunity to ask questions.

The highlight of Pension Awareness Month is our week of live events with pension experts. Gain insights, debunk myths, and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed pension decisions. Take charge of your financial future and embrace a worry-free retirement.

Don't miss this chance to join a community of like-minded individuals focused on securing their futures.

Checkout what's happening across the 4 weeks below, where you can choose a topic that is the most important to you and have it covered by our experts.

If you miss an event, don't worry as there'll be a catch-up video made available on this website for anyone wants to watch back.


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Hear from the team behind Pension Awareness Month

Meet your Pension experts; here to give you assistance, materials and answers to your questions throughout September. They'll be delivering weekly demos, with insights from industry experts to give you the tools to make the right choices for your retirement and help you to take the tension out of your pension.

We've also put together a digital asset pack, which contains all of the branded imagery used for this years event.


  • Starting your journey

    Your path to retirement's like an uncharted map, waiting to be explored so start your journey off right.

  • On your journey

    Join us in week two and gain the confidence knowing that you're on track to achieve your retirement goals.

  • Take a pension pitstop

    Attend our week of live events, reflect and gather new energy before you continue on your retirement journey.

  • Arriving at retirement

    Helping to prepare you for a smooth landing on the final leg of your retirement journey.

Starting your journey.

We're kicking off on Friday, 1 September to get you the information you need on your Civil Service Pension, with our first webinar on Friday 8 September [12-1pm] titled Starting your journey.

Your path to retirement is like an uncharted map, waiting to be explored. With every milestone you reach, the landscape changes and new opportunities arise. Join us in week one where we'll equip you with the tools and knowledge to begin mapping out your journey to retirement.

We'll be covering...

  • Pensions 101: Why your pension is so important?
  • Your options after joining
  • Things you should do after joining
  • Pension Portal Registration
  • alpha benefits explained
  • PLUS, you have the chance to attend a live webinar with pensions experts on Friday 8 September 12-1pm


Please note:

Whilst we make every effort to ensure as many members as possible are able to attend these sessions, we know some members may be impacted by their employer's IT restrictions and will be unable to access the YouTube links where we host our videos.

The live webinars will use Microsoft Teams; If you're using a mobile device, please download the Teams app ready to attend your webinar. If you're using a Windows Desktop, then you can access the webinar using your browser.

If your employer's IT security prevents you from accessing these external websites, we suggest using your personal device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) using your own WIFI network, or watch the sessions on catch up on the scheme website.

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Podcast seasons 1 and 2 available now

The Civil Service Pensions Podcast will help you get to grips with your pension and make more informed choices about your financial future, whatever stage of life you're at.

Available now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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Registration is now closed...

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If you're unable to attend a live webinar, you can catch up on any missed sessions. Catch up videos will be available the day after each live session at 12pm. If a live session occurs on a Friday, catch up videos will be uploaded on the following Monday.

For Registered Participants: If you've registered for a live session, rest assured, you'll receive detailed joining instructions 24-48 hours before each event. These instructions will be sent via GOV.NOTIFY, so keep an eye on your inbox.


Missed or unable to attend the Webinars?

Watch again now and unlock the power of your pension.

In this hour-long Starting Your Journey session from week 1, our experts covered the following topics:

  • Why your Civil Service pension is important
  • Your options after joining the scheme – including transferring in, and the partnership scheme
  • Things you should do after joining the Civil Service pension scheme
  • The benefits of the alpha pension scheme


If you're using your mobile data to join the webinar then you'll be charged by your mobile operator according to your data bundle and tariff. We advise connecting to wifi to attend the webinars for Pension Awareness Month.

You can find out the topics for each week by navigating to the tabbed section in the middle of this page: 


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You'll be able to pose questions to our experts on week 1, 2 and 4 of Pension Awareness month. There'll also be some case studies which are relevant to real life pension scenarios.

You can attend as many as you wish, just select them on the registration form before you click 'submit'

You don't need to do anything. When you receive the invite on email just ignore it and don't attend the webinar.

Week 1 - Friday 8 [12-1pm] : Starting your journey
Week 2 - Friday 15 [12-1pm] : On your journey
Monday 18 [12-1pm] : Pensions 101 Workshop
Monday 18 [2-3pm] : Pensions 101 Workshop
Tuesday 19 [12-1pm] : Life events session 1
Tuesday 19 [2-3pm] : Life events session 1
Wednesday 20 [12-1pm] : Life events session 2
Wednesday 20 [2-3pm] : Life events session 2
Thursday 21 [12-1pm] : Preparing for retirement session 1
Thursday 21 [2-3pm] : Preparing for retirement session 1
Friday 22 [12-1pm] : Preparing for retirement session 2
Friday 22 [2-3pm] : Preparing for retirement session 2
Week 4 -Friday 29 [12-1pm] : Arriving at retirement

You'll receive your invite:

  • Week 1 - Friday 8 : Invite will be sent Wednesday 6
  • Week 2 - Friday 15 : Invite will be sent Wednesday 13
  • Week 3 - Monday 18 : Invite will be sent 24hrs before the event
  • Week 3 - Tuesday 19 : Invite will be sent 24hrs before the event
  • Week 3 - Wednesday 20 : Invite will be sent 24hrs before the event
  • Week 3 - Thursday 21 : Invite will be sent 24hrs before the event
  • Week 3 - Friday 22 : Invite will be sent 24hrs before the event
  • Week 4 - Friday 29 : Invite will be sent Wednesday 27

Keep an eye on your junk folder as sometimes the invites get mistaken for junk!

If you've miss typed your email address on the registration, or haven't received an invite, don't worry as the recordings will be published on the Pension Awareness month pages within a few days.

Yes - The videos will be available on the website and you can watch back at any time...