Date posted: 03/02/2014

FAO: All Employers

Subject: 2014 Bulk Mailing Exercise for Increases in Members Contributions

Action Required: For information and response as necessary by 7 February 2014

This MEM is to tell you what MyCSP need from you, to make sure the mailing of the 2014 pension changes is successful.

EPN367 told you employee contributions will increase again in April 2014. The Cabinet Office has a legal obligation to tell all Civil Service Pension Scheme members about the increase in their contributions. So the Cabinet Office will be writing to each scheme member again this year.

MyCSP will be sending the Cabinet Office’s letter to members’ home address on 21 March 2014. Some employers may prefer to distribute the letters to their workforce. If you want to co-ordinate the delivery of the letters to your workforce then you need to complete the attached Employer Communication Response form. You must send your specific mailing requirements to Dawn Clarke at by 7 February 2014.

In October 2014 MyCSP will send scheme members who have a choice about when they join the 2015 pension scheme an options pack. We will be sending the options pack to your workforce by the same method as the contribution increase letter unless you tell us differently. If you choose to distribute the options pack to your workforce you will need to have in place arrangements for their safe storage until they are given to members. This is important because the packs contain the members’ personal data.

If you have any questions about this publication, please contact Dawn Clarke on

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3 February 2014
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24 April 2023