You’ve told us you wanted more clarity on actions you need to take, and better signposting of information and support you can access. We aim to directly address that feedback with this update.

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Critical actions from Q1 2024

You must arrange to provide the Scheme Administrator with the required CARE Year end and Pension Input Period data by the deadline dates outlined. The timing of your end of year activity is critical to the successful delivery of Annual Statements (Annual Benefit Statements and Pension Savings Statements) and the submission of Annual Resource Accounts (RA) and Annual Assurance Statement (AAS) exercise.

HM Treasury have advised that most Resource Accounts Remuneration reports should be published before Summer recess, which means that the time period for MyCSP to provide information to employers is very short.

The 2015 Remedy has significant implications for this year’s exercise, and we are still working through some of the issues. As a result, we are issuing guidance in two stages this year.  The primary purpose of this EPN is to instruct employers to provide a completed Annex 13A and Annex 13B to start the process. A further EPN will follow with more information, including an example Remuneration report.

Registration for the Spring Regional Employer Forums is now open. As spaces are limited please register soon to secure your spot.

In addition to networking, you will receive updates from the Scheme and can participate in panel and roundtable discussions. Representatives from Capita, the future scheme administrator, will be present along with colleagues from the Cabinet Office. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback during the event. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, so please inform us of any dietary restrictions when registering.

Other updates and actions from Q1 2024

  • EAG Online Training Deadline - The deadline for employers to complete the online EAG training was 31/03/24. You should have completed this by that deadline and will need to report in the 2024 Annual Assurance Statement that you have done so.
  • EPN705: Lifetime Allowance Letters - To note when we will be issuing LTA letters to members who have breached the LTA or are close to breaching and when you will receive Management Information
  • EPN707: 2024/25 Contributions Schedule - A new contributions schedule has been released for 2024/25 which supersedes any schedule previously issued.

Coming up in Q2 2024

April 2024

  • CARE Year End and Pension Input Period Deadlines will be approaching
  • We’ll start talking to you about the spring Regional Employer Forums dates

May 2024

  • The 2024 spring Regional Employer Forums are due to take place
  • We’ll start talking to you about the Spring Hot Topics sessions
  • We’ll start talking to you about plans for Annual Statements

June 2024

  • Production of Annual statements will start
  • We’ll contact you about this years Annual Assurance Statement


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