FAQs: Pension Input Period 2019/20

Should I follow the same process as 2019?

Yes, the requirement for five days pension input period (PIP) is the same as 2019.

Do I need to provide figures for 01–05 April 2020 or do I need to provide figures for the whole of the financial year? For example, should I include the whole 12 months from 06 April 2019 to 31 March 2020?

No, you only need to provide the additional data for the first 5 days of April.

Should I remove the five days of earnings from the April interface I submit?

No – the April 2020 interface should be submitted as normal.

Do I need to provide details for the period 01 April – 05 April 2019 to counter the five days being added at the end of the year?

No, as the file provided during last year’s exercise enables calculations to be completed based on the period 06 April 2018–05 April 2019.

What will happen with members who transition to alpha on 01 April?

They should be submitted using the manual interface with five days of earnings as though they were an alpha member.

We will not be loading the data until the April interface has been transacted, at which point the member should have been transitioned into alpha.

What if a member is paying into a Principle Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS) added pension or added years contract, but is in alpha?

The member’s data should be submitted on a single line as though they are an alpha member only. The Added Pension fields, which are specific for PCSPS, should then be populated with the required added pension/added years contributions included.

What if I have additional questions?