Date posted: 01/01/2006

AudienceHR Managers with responsibility for communicating pensions information to staff

Action: To issue the enclosed Office Notice (inserting the relevant details of previous notices) as close as possible, but not before, the joint announcement date of 30 January 2006

Timing: Not before noon on 30 January 2006

Pension reform consultation update.

  1. The enclosed Office Notice is to update staff on the discussions, between Cabinet Office and the Council of Civil Service Unions (CCSU), on changes to the Civil Service pension arrangements.


  1. This notice follows earlier communications on proposals for change to the Civil Service pension arrangements:
  • 9 December 2004: issue of ‘Building a Sustainable Future’ - proposals to change the existing Civil Service pension arrangements under cover of EPN114.
  • 4 March 2005: Public consultation closed.
  • March – October 2005. Public Services Forum (PSF) discussions chaired by Alan Johnson. These discussions focused in particular on the proposed move to pension age 65.
  • August 2005: Joint statement with the CCSU. Office Notice issued via EPN127.
  • 18 October 2005: Common set of principles on reform for all public service pension schemes agreed. Joint statement with the CCSU. Office Notice issued via EPN131.
  1. The Civil Service pension negotiations have now started. Cabinet Office and the CCSU have agreed a further joint statement to update staff on the progress of discussions. This statement is attached at Annex A. It will be placed on the Cabinet Office and CCSU websites at noon on 30 January 2006. Please issue the joint statement to your staff on or immediately after this date. Please insert the appropriate references to the earlier update issued in October and the tax simplification notices, issued under EPN133. As the wording has been agreed jointly with the CCSU the statement should not be amended other than to insert the date and reference of the previous notice.


This document refers to EPNs 114,127, 131 and 133


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1 January 2006
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