Date posted: 22/02/2018


  • Pension leads
  • HR managers
  • Staff who submit requests for member services to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP)
  • Staff who manage a shared service or payroll provider and submit requests on the employer’s behalf


  • We have introduced a revised form to request member services. See EPN 517 for more information.
  • A three-month transition period will end on 4 March 2018, after which we will only accept member service requests using the new RFS form. 


  • Note the date when we will stop accepting previous versions of the RFS form.
  • If a third party provides your request for services forms, you should manage the transition to the new RFS form by 4 March 2018.


  • Immediate 


1. The new Request for Services (RFS) form, which can be used to request over a dozen services for active members and one service for deferred members, launched on 4 December 2017.

More information about when to use the RFS form.

2. The new RFS form makes the process for requesting member services quicker and easier for employers as it removes the need to use different forms for different member services. 

3. Up to 4 March 2018, we will still accept requests made for these member services using older versions of forms.

4. However, after 4 March, we will only accept requests for member services using the new RFS form. If you are unlikely to make the transition to the new RFS form by the deadline, please contact your Civil Service Pensions Service Delivery Manager (SDM) as soon as possible.

5. If you are not using the new RFS form already, visit the dedicated RFS form web pages and download the latest version.  

Features and benefits of the new RFS form

6. When completing the new RFS form, data validations prevent the submission of incorrect information and advisory notes suggest when additional documentation is required.

Mandatory fields also prevent the submission of requests with missing information - something that previously delayed request processing. 

7. Since the new RFS form launched, the number of incomplete submissions by employers has reduced, which is improving the experience for our members.  

Support for employers already using the new RFS form   

8. The RFS form contains a detailed set of Guidance Notes that explain how to use it. The RFS form web pages also contain a set of FAQs, and a technical guidance document.  

9. If you experience an issue when using the new RFS form, please call the Employer Helpline on 0300 123 1040. 


If you have a question about the distribution of EPNs or you need to receive them in a different format contact

You can find electronic copies of the Employers’ Pension Guide, all current EPNs and forms on our website under ‘Employers’.

This notice is for employers and should not be issued to scheme members. 

If members have a question about their pension they can find information at:

22 February 2018
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24 April 2023