Changes for employers: New Employer hub

  • We’ve removed the landing page that took you to either the member or employer side of the site. Instead, the home page, navigation and website search are focussed entirely on content for members
  • We’ve created a separate Employer hub which you can access from the very top menu and search employer content
  • Within the Employer hub, you can find all the same content that was available on the previous version of the website
  • You can see the latest EPNs and search the archive
  • And you can still access the Employer Pension Guide

Thanks to our user testing volunteers

We’d like to thank the employers who helped us source volunteers from across the Civil Service to take part in our research and development for the website. This was an invaluable part of the development process – thank you for your support. We are always looking to improve our services, and will be looking for more volunteers in future, so keep an eye out for further opportunities.

Up next: focus on Employers

In the first phase of the new website we have focussed on introducing a range of improvements for members.

As we now move to the next phase of continuous development, we want to focus on building the employer content. To do that, we need your support and insight.

If you’d rather not be involved – we still want to hear your views!

Website Visual

Share your feedback and get involved

We’ve created a short feedback survey below for you to share your views on the new website and let us know if you want to get involved in shaping the Employer Hub.

Your feedback will help us build on the work we’ve done so far and continually create a better online experience for employers.

18 February 2022
Last updated:
18 February 2022